Each year we ask our community for much-needed financial help to continue to provide best-in-class service to you. Your donations are critical to our ability to serve the community and go directly to support our lifesaving mission: training, equipment, gear, uniforms, fuel, apparatus, volunteer recruitment and retention programs and so much more.

While we negotiate an annual contract with the Town of Evans, that appropriation has been steady-state for several years while operating costs have multiplied exponentially, causing us to rely even more heavily on community giving, fundraising and donations, and federal grants for major replacement programs.
On behalf of the members of the Evans Center Volunteer Fire Company — who give their all day-in and day-out to be there when you need us most — we thank you for your continued support.

We are READY. Are You?

Your Evans Center Volunteers are READY to train, to serve, to respond, and to meet the next challenge – just as we’ve been doing since 1933. Are you ready to serve, and/or support our efforts?

You Need Us. It’s no stretch that our volunteers save our taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Our core mission is to provide fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services – but our real goal is to assist members of our community whenever, and in whatever way they call for help. We were here with you before the pandemic and here for you through it all, responding every day despite the new challenges and the heightened risks to our volunteers. We take great pride in helping our neighbors through their hardest days, staffed entirely by volunteers.

We Want You! We offer flexible opportunities to fit your busy lifestyle and volunteer in fulfilling ways on the front lines of emergency services and on the business end of delivering those services. We understand that not everyone is able to volunteer their time, but we ask that you consider a monetary donation to our non-profit organization. While our dedicated volunteers donate their time and energy for free, it costs a lot to outfit a firefighter, maintain our response vehicles, and purchase and maintain the equipment we need to respond to your call for help.

We depend on you so you can rely on us.

Look for our Annual Fund Drive Letter in your mailbox and please consider making a donation that will help us continue to meet the emergency services expectations of our community. Our dedicated volunteers commit thousands of hours of their personal time each year to serve without direct compensation. They willing accept the interruptions to their active lifestyles full of work, school, family, friends and other forms of community service–but the burden of frequent fundraisers takes away from their time to train, respond and fulfill the other obligations of running a busy fire department.

We thank you in advance for your continued generous support of our efforts to provide the most professional, effective and compassionate care to our community. You can donate by returning the fund drive mailer or via credit card or PayPal here.

Our Volunteers are READY.
Are You READY to Join Us?


If you think you’re READY to join our team, Request a Recruiter, email join@evanscentervfc.org, call 549-1221 today or visit our Erie Road Firehouse on any Tuesday evening when we’re training, to learn more.

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