What you can expect from us


BUTTON-IM READY-100x100In addition to learning new skills and the opportunity to take on new challenges, there are many benefits to becoming part of the Evans Center Volunteer Fire Company family, here are just a few to get you started :


Whether you have tons of fire/ems experience or a rookie fresh to public safety, we offer numerous basic to advanced fire, rescue, EMS & leadership courses through county, state and federal programs as well as our own. TRAINING CENTER DEDICATION SIGN-6x4These courses are free of charge to active members of the department and offer the opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks. We also boast of our own on-site training facility provides the most realistic learning environment without having to go off-property, saving you time and keeping our team and apparatus in service locally.

Flexible Membership Opportunities

As firm believers in the concept that volunteers should be “good at a few things instead of poor at a lot” – we offer the most flexible membership opportunities available. You can join Evans Center to just perform a specialized function or you can get involved in all of the volunteering opportunities we have to offer. We even accept members from outside the Town of Evans including Brant, Eden and Hamburg.


Modern Fire Station

Dedicated in 2001, our fire station stands as a hallmark to the dedication of our volunteers and as the centerpiece of our community.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We protect our firefighters with the latest technology in fire-resistive coat, pants, leather boots, gloves, Nomex hood and traditional style fire helmets complete with a leather front proudly identifying your name, rank and department identific


ation number.

Duty Uniforms

Look professional and show your Evans Center pride in your navy blue station uniform personalized with your name and rank. Uniforms are provided after a minimum length of service. Other apparel is offered under a reduced or shared cost program.

Social Events

Members and their guests enjoy our annual installation dinner held each January to recognize the past year’s accomplishments of the department and our volunteers and to celebrate the dedication of our newly elected administrative and operations officers. Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for you and your family to get to know the other members of your department in a relaxing atmosphere. From conventions to parades, parties, family picnic and fun fund-raisers – we not only work hard – we play hard too!

IMG_2072Financial Incentives

You may be a volunteer but that doesn’t mean there aren’t financial incentives. Active members who attain retirement age with a maximum 25 years of active duty are afforded a generous annual retirement program with monthly benefits under our Length of Service Award Program which rewards volunteers for years of service. Reduced benefits are available for those with fewer years of service.

Members are eligible to receive a $200 NYS income tax credit after five years of active service.

Peace of Mind

IMG_2844We’ve got you covered! We care about your health, safety and well being. It starts with providing you with a free annual medical physical, commensurate with your assigned duties, to catch any health issues that might prevent you from serving at peak performance.

A comprehensive Volunteer Firemen’s Benefit Law program from New York State, Workmen’s Compensation coverage from the Town of Evans provide financial security to you and your family should you be injured or fatally wounded in the line of duty. There are even free programs and services in place to ensure that your claim is handled properly and that you receive the benefits you deserve.

While your safety is our #1 priority, we recognize that firefighting and providing emergency services is an inherently dangerous business. That’s why we take extra measures to protect our volunteers by investing in supplemental accidental death and disability insurance to make sure you and your family are covered should you be injured performing  your duties. 

And, the Western New York Stress Reduction program is available to provide critical incident stress debriefings and counseling to help our volunteers deal with the emotional impact of the tragedies we’re unfortunately exposed to in our line of work. This service is provided free-of-charge.

Camaraderie, Friendship & Personal Satisfaction for a Job Well Done!

There is no greater satisfaction or personal reward than that which comes from helping someone in their time of need. Not only does the community hold us in high regard and entrusts us with their family and everything they own, you’re gaining a whole new second family when you join our team. And, we do EVERYTHING as a team!


When you walk in our firehouse door, you’ll be home. You are not just a volunteer with a great organization with an important mission serving the community. You’ll find a second family waiting for you. Give back to your community in the process — neighbors helping neighbors.